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Drawing No.VersionNotes
Design & Access Statement00Version 7
Plan as existing01A (10/12/13)
Plan as proposed- options A & B02x (29/12/12)
Sections and details03x (29/12/12)
Plan as proposed- options C & D04x (12/01/13)
Plans as proposed- phase 1 -option E05x (05/02/13)
Plans as proposed- phase 2- option E06B (18/03/13)
First floor plan proposed phase 207B (18/03/13)
Demolitions on plan08
Demolitions in section09
Ground floor as proposed1010Q
First floor as proposed1111N
Plans and sections showing baptistery12E (04/09/14)
Lower ground undercroft plan13F (30/01/14)
Timber floor scheme14
Sections showing beam & block floor option15
First floor seating options16x (14/10/13)
Section EE17C (04/09/14)
Section FF18B (04/0914)
Fire Strategy plans19C (04/09/14)
New entrance porch20x (13/11/13)
New entrance porch option 221x (04/12/13)
New entrance porch option 322x (04/12/13)
New entrance porch option 423x (05/12/13)
New entrance porch option 524x (05/12/13)
Sunday School rooms with folding partitions25A (10/12/13)
New entrance porch option 626A (10/12/13)
Elevations sheet 127x (10/12/13)
Elevations sheet 228A (23/12/13)
Side hall first floor feasibility29B (04/09/14)
Door schedule30C
Window schedule31
Internal screen schedule32
Sanitary schedule33
Finishes schedule34
Elevations sheet 335x (28/01/14)
Elevations sheet 436C (04/09/14)
Loft stair investigation 1sk1x (20/05/13)
Loft stair investigation 2sk2x (20/05/13)
Loft stair investigation sectionssk3x (20/05/13)
Ground floor with main meeting room optionssk4x (11/07/13)
trial holesk01
piled foundationsk02
level survey points sitesk03
level survey points LGFsk04
level survey points GF & FFsk05
New teapoint & officesk5x
Issue RegisterIssue register
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